Saturday, January 2, 2010

Who are YOU?

Who I Am Official Music Video by Nick Jonas and the Administration. Nick says:
"The basis of the video is a section of me performing with my band along with shots of different people ranging from a Gothic Girl, someone with cancer, three generations of family. We are looking for 'Real life individuals pose for living portraits that tell us who they are. Each subject flips the card to reveal a simple statement of identity."

Y'all can start touching yourselves now. Hot damn, Nick J.... ;)

Nick J's music video was...
Off the chain! Just like NJ himself.
Gay, like the fags who own this site.
Whatever. Sluts need to stop stalking him.
Emotional. I cried like a baby...TWICE.
Who the fuck's Nick J?
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  1. DAAAAMMNNN this pleassssse post new stuff. I hate oceanup so this can be my new site. :)))))

  2. I'm fucking awesome.

    That's who I am.

    Peace out

    Peeee essss: Diiiz websyyyte be kewl dawg!!!@!@!2